Who: Joanna Linberg, home editor I'm giving up: All of it--alochol, caffeine, red meat, refined and natural sugars (because I'm a honey add...
Sunset Eat Fresh Day 1: All or nothing

Who: Joanna Linberg, home editorI’m giving up: All of it–alochol, caffeine, red meat, refined and natural sugars (because I’m a honey addict).I chose this because: I’m a classic overachiever and weirdly, I find more success with big goals than small ones.My biggest challenge: Avoiding sugar in the afternoon–it’s when my energy starts to dip and a green smoothie just won’t cut it.My biggest temptation to cheat: Last night I made chocolate chip cookies (what was I thinking?) for my husband. Tonight, I’m going to wish I hadn’t.Coping mechanism: Licorice tea. It tastes sweet to me even though it’s completely herbal.Today I feel: Invincible. My meals are planned, my support group/coworkers are only a few steps away, and it’s just five days. I got this.

…Except technically, I cheated already. You see, one of my Eat Fresh strategies is packing up leftovers from the night before for lunch. And last night, pre-challenge, I made burgers. (Between this and the cookies, I might have been self-sabotaging.) So I ate the burger today. But with a side of roasted brussels sprouts (also left over), sauerkraut, and carrots!

Breakfast today was roasted and pureed butternut squash I prepped yesterday with a little bit of coconut oil, salt, and cinnamon stirred in (photo below). So good! Dinner tonight is this crazy good looking lentil and veggie bowl while catching up on last night’s Downton Abbey episode.

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