Margo True

photo by Erin Kunkel

We’re very excited about our next book signing, because the food is going to be amazing. And you’re invited.

This Saturday from 11 to 1 in Rancho Santa Fe, at the legendary Chino Farms (where Alice Waters has bought produce for Chez Panisse for more than 30 years), you’ll get to try a variety of complementary peak-season Chino produce—corn, peppers, eggplant, and more—cooked over wood fire on a Santa Maria grill; over charcoal; and even in a solar oven. All of these techniques are in our new book, The Great Outdoors Cookbook, so if you buy a copy, that knowledge will be yours. I’ll be signing the books at the farm with my co-editor, Elaine Johnson, and every buyer will receive a gift: a packet of Omnivore Salt, a Sicilian-style blend of sea salt and organic spices from San Francisco. It is wonderful with grilled vegetables.

And, of course, the farmstand will be open for regular business, so you can snag a juicy yellow watermelon or glossy peppers or corn so tender it barely needs cooking. You may be enticed by the culinary items at the pop-up pantry, too—a carefully chosen selection that includes letterpress notecards, fine olive oil, artisan caramels, and books from previous signings.

For more information about our book signing and the Good Earth Great Chef series at Chino Farms, please click here.

Hope to see you at the farm!

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