My bowl of 'Wine Country Mesclun Mix' bounced back quickly from a squirrel attack:

Looks delicious, right? Ready for some "cut and come again."Maybe Chip 'n Dale have left the lettuce alone because they've discovered bigger and better (aka juicier stems).

Now I'm dealing with this:

RIP Cauliflower. I'm sorry you didn't get to share your gifts with the world.And this:

I'm hoping that this kohlrabi has enough energy from its remaining leaves to keep growing and snap back.

I had a bottle of organic squirrel spray but I gave it away because I didn't think I would need it. Oops. Maybe I'll buy some more, or better yet, try to make some of my own. They had pretty innocuous ingredients -- things like cinnamon and rosemary oils.

I wish the hawk would come back.

Or we could always go the way of Team Squirrel.

Dear readers: What do you do about the squirrels?


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