Margo spoke with me a few weeks ago about some (relatively) quick growers that she wanted sown for a spring feast. Her vision was to have them planted in a cohesive little garden, much like the winter crops.

I thought I'd share my garden plan, incomplete as it may be. Some seeds have already been sown, others are in the mail, and I'm still trying to track down a few.

Each section is 2'3" x 24". The whole garden is planted in a bed that's 4'6" x 10'. There will be a few more crops (shelling peas, chick peas, strawberries, and mint) scattered in other parts of the test garden.

Here's how it looks so far:

Not very impressive, but it'll be neat to post pictures as it all comes together.

Lastly, I never tire of taking pictures of baby seedlings:

Beets (just breaking out of their seeds!)

Baby lettuce

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