By Margo True, Sunset Food Editor

Yesterday, a large package marked "PERISHABLE" arrived in our test kitchen. The fromage blanc we made at Cowgirl Creamery had arrived. Would it be noticeably novice-like?

Team Cheese's Fromage Blanc, fresh (in tubs) and aged, made two weeks ago at Cowgirl Creamery.

They sure looked good. And I must say they tasted wonderful. The fresh cheese was tangy and pure-tasting, yet luxurious--like very creamy yogurt. And the little aged cylinder had the texture of super-dense cheesecake, with a velvety ripe layer just beginning to appear beneath the rind and the slightest mushroomy flavor. They tasted worthy of Cowgirl.

We have the recipes. We have our notes. Now if we can just make these, or something approximating them, by ourselves...

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