What's ALWAYS in season in the Sunset garden? Rosemary! We haven't purchased rosemary for recipe testing in years because big bushes of the fragrant, woody herb border all our patios.

After rummaging through the kitchen, I decided to roast big sprigs of rosemary with mixed potatoes (we had a combo of small red potatoes and buttery Yukon Golds), good extra-virgin olive oil, wedges of red onion, salt, and pepper for a super-simple, yet oh-so-satisfying side dish (guess I'm already thinking Thanksgiving!).

Hope you enjoy and experiment with different potatoes and veg!

Rosemary-roasted potatoes with onion

About 1 1/2 lbs. mixed potatoes, cut into chunks

1/2 a red onion, cut into wedges

Extra-virgin olive oil

Kosher salt


Finely chopped rosemary

3 to 4 in. rosemary sprigs

Preheat oven to 425°. Add potatoes to a baking dish (any casserole or 13x9 in. pan will do) along with the onions. Toss everything with the oil, salt, pepper, chopped rosemary and sprigs until everything is nicely coated. Roast potatoes for about 45 minutes, turning everything over in the pan half-way through cooking time.

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