This will be Lefebvre’s first restaurant opening outside of Southern California. Here he shares the recipe and technique for his take on a Denver omelet.

thompson hotel chez maggy rendering
Thompson Hotel
Thompson Hotel rendering

Update March, 2022: Chez Maggy has opened!

Petit Trois is known in Los Angeles for its menu filled with unique takes on French classics, executed by James Beard Award finalist and Michelin starred chef Ludo Lefebvre. Dishes range from a bordelaise-covered burger to two takes on steak frites with a choice of mustard or cognac pepper sauce on top, and classic French onion soup. Guests can take a seat at an intimate bar that overlooks the kitchen, or a bustling lot where the dishes and atmosphere transport you to a casual Parisian sidewalk. 

After eight years—and a second Petit Trois location in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley—Lefebvre is stepping out of his California comfort zone with Chez Maggy in Denver at the soon-to-open Thompson Hotel. “I am hoping to bring a little bit of me to Denver with a menu that reflects who I am and my French background, but with an openness to all Colorado has to offer,” Lefebvre tells us about the new location. 

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Chez Maggy is named after Lefebvre’s late mother-in-law, Margaret, as an homage to her and the region where his wife grew up. In a press release about the restaurant’s opening, the menu for Chez Maggy is described as reflecting Lefebvre’s “tastefully understated and unique approach to classic French cuisine, with dishes inspired by the many regions throughout France, from duck à l’orange and escargot to various takes on steak frites—and, of course, a Frenchified Denver omelet.” 

Chef Ludo makes the five-egg omelet with an even cook, and precise rollout of the pan and onto the plate. The omelet is filled with sautéed bell peppers (per the traditional Denver style) before a cream sauce with Gruyère and Parmesan is slathered on top. The omelet, like many of Lefebvre’s takes on traditional dishes, is rich in flavor and makes for a decadent, elevated breakfast option. 

Chez Maggy will also handle room service offerings for the hotel, so guests can enjoy an omelet or steak frites from the comfort of their suite. To tide you over until you can get to Denver, Lefebvre has shared the recipe for his Denver omelet with us so you can practice making it at home. Find the full recipe below!

More information on the opening of the Thompson Hotel Denver and Chez Maggy can be found on its website

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