Time flies! I already ripped out the summer crops from the edible wave garden

 New plan:



  • First row (that little patch in front) = Crimson clover
  • Second row = Chicory, radicchio, dandelion greens (ick, if you ask me, but we're trialing some new varieties from Cook's Garden)
  • Fourth row: Kale (even bigger yum)
  • Back row (againt the wall with the artichoke in the middle): Also cover crop
The floating row cover the seeded areas from the birds. It'll also help to retain moisture while I'm gone over the weekend. I'm transplanting kale and cabbage on Monday. Looks to be a delicious fall and winter.

Here are more resources on planting an edible garden.

And here's a great cool-season keyhole garden that used to be in the very same space!

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