Although our tomatoes have been less than spectacular this year, our peppers are doing great. I plucked up a few beauties to make this quick skillet, perfect for a quick breakfast or light dinner.

This is a 'Pizza' pepper

This is your standard red bell pepper

To make your own tasty version, slice peppers, cook with salt, LOTS of pepper (I like things spicy!), and olive oil until beginning to brown and become tender. Scooch the peppers aside, leaving pockets for eggs. Add a little oil to the pockets and crack eggs into them. Cook, covered with a lid or sheet pan until the eggs are just the way you like them. There you have it-tasty, spicy breakfast eggs. Super simple, but very satisfying. This would be great with crusty bread for dunking in the gooey yolks...yum!

For another fun spicy egg-skillet dish, try this version that uses potato chips.



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