Thomas J. Story

Going camping doesn’t have to mean going without civilized touches like pour-over coffee and stiff cocktails. Here are some of our favorite pre-prepared foods to take into the woods

Sunset Staff  – September 12, 2019

8:00 AM: Caffeinate 

Thomas J. Story

Brew this single-serve pour-over coffee made from ethically sourced beans.

Basecamp Blend by Kuju Coffee

11:00 AM: Fuel Your Adventure

Thomas J. Story

This hearty bar is made with organic cashew butter, honey, and multigrain crackers covered in chocolate and seasoned with sea salt. 

Organic Cracker ‘N’ Nut Butter Snack Bar by Honey Stinger

5:00 PM: Pop Open a Can for Happy Hour

Thomas J. Story

Straight rye whiskey, honey, navel-orange rock candy, and bitters in a can.

84 Proof Rock and Rye 100ml Can by Hochstadter’s Slow & Low

7:00 PM: Savor a Good Dinner 

Thomas J. Story

A camp dinner to look forward to: Arborio rice, cremini mushrooms, nutritional yeast, onions, and white wine. 

Herbed Mushroom Risotto by Good To-Go