It's been a rough week in the test garden (for the gardener, that is). We're just past the peak of abundance, and now it's time to really start thinking about our cool season crops in this climate. That translates into a lot of pulling and forking (and back aching).

The patty pan squash are finally decreasing their productivity. I think we're all a little summer squashed out around here. Elizabeth Jardina documented as I ripped out our crazy, overgrown patch.

First we found this crazy, mutant stem:

Then I yanked:

Then I yanked some more:

At last I found the root:

And came out victorious:

Except that actually, I came out with a terrible squash-induced rash all over my body. We don't have pictures of that part of the story. Sorry.

Why all the hard work? Is it worth it? YES! Our sweet babies have germinated in the greenhouse:

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