It’s busy around the office this week.  We are in the middle of creating our October issue, and it takes an effort to find time to check on our girls during these days.It was only 24 hours ago that Margaret and I gave them fresh water and decided they were doing well.  Well, this afternoon Veronica is covered in ants.  I only meant to step out for a moment, (and even went out in black pants and no veil!)  and found myself squishing ants on the hives as quickly as I could while filling the anti-ant containers with more fresh water.Perhaps a container lid fell down to make contact with the container, giving the ants access to the hive.  Perhaps the water in the containers was dusty, giving the ants a platform in which to walk.  Perhaps the stubborn ants formed a bridge themselves to climb up to the sweetness.  Whatever it was, they reminded me today it takes a daily check to stay on top of those ants!

By Kimberley Burch, Sunset imaging specialist

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