My sweet gardeners, please help.

Problem #1 - RadicchioThis is what I planted:

See the nice red leaves? The thick white veins?This is what mine looks like:

Where are the nice red leaves? Where are the thick white veins?There is a hint of possible reddening: 

Can I really expect the entire plant to change color so drastically so as to resemble the seed packet by harvest time? That seems unbelievable!

Problem #2 - Floppy quinoa

Believe it or not, "floppy quinoa" doesn't garner very helpful advice on a google search. Thus, I turn to you. My quinoa is beautiful. It looks like the seeds are finally starting to form:

It's also starting to flop over:

It's especially severe in the center of the bed. It looks like a giant took a step in the middle of the bed. I've got no problem staking -- it's just that I wasn't expecting to have to do so, and want to make sure that everything is copacetic with my quinoa. Thoughts? 

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