Hello, fellow mycophiles. It's Week Two of Morel Watch, and I'm sure you're just as anxious as we were to see what's growing (or not grow...
Morel Watch: Week Two

Hello, fellow mycophiles. It’s Week Two of Morel Watch, and I’m sure you’re just as anxious as we were to see what’s growing (or not growing) in our morel patch. Last week we saw tiny sprouts that we had hoped were morels. Well, as you can see from these photos they’re definitely not morels, but not to worry! If you remember from thisprevious post, it can take up to two years to see any morel fruit. We’re trying to be patient.  

Definitely not morels…

In the meantime, it seems we may have inadvertently planted our very own volunteer salad garden. All kinds of mystery plants are coming up, which seems like a good sign to me as the soil must be pretty fertile. We might have to ask our garden experts to help us identify what these are. Or we could just wait and see.

                                                          Could this be chard?

In lieu of morels, a guessing game of “identify the mystery compost plant” is a pretty good diversion — though I’m still anxious to see if there will be any morels in our compost-garden salad.

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