by Margo True, Sunset food editor

We have a new layer! Alana the Ameraucana (aka Martin Van Buren) has at last leapt into the productive phase of her life, after two weeks of suggestive Egg Crouching. Above (on the left) is her first effort, which we know is hers because it's a distinctive mossy green compared to the bluer tint of Ophelia's egg (on the right). Also, though you can't really tell from this photo, it's also noticeably skinnier than Ophelia's. Well, bravo to Alana for popping it out at all. Once she's internally, er, adjusted, we expect fatter eggs. All to enrich our one-block feast this summer.

A happy hen will, we're told, lay an egg a day. How remarkable is that--to reproduce yourself every day!? Hats off to the hard-working chickens.

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