Mandy Ferreira

Whether you are cleaning up for the new year or put decluttering on your to-do list, these small spaces are pure inspiration. Who knows, maybe you will even tackle the junk drawer and that frightening closet afterwards.

Remodelista takes repurposing to a whole new level with houses made from shipping containers.

At less than 200 square feet, this tiny home featured on NPR fits everything the homeowner needs, from NPR.

An outdoor space can make any home feel spacious, especially when it is as stunning as this fashion designer’s stunning garden from Gardenista.

In 750 square feet this couple in the NYT decided to own less and live more.

If you are feeling crafty you can make something new out of what you already have with PopSugar’s easy DIY Projects for your home.

Looking for more? Check out our slideshow of 24 small homes.Photo courtesy of Remodelista

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