We started spraying our trees with the GF-120 a few weeks ago as a way to control our olive fly problem. Now we’ve started a second method to the hunt — traps.

The types of traps we’re using are the olipe traps. We’ve made our own using plastic water bottles and spray-painted them yellow (cheaper than buying the actual traps). Then we drilled some holes around the top of the bottles and hung a thick wire through a hole we made in the caps.

We made a solution of Torula yeast diluted in water andfilled the bottles 3/4 full. With the help of Rick, our trusty gardener, wehung 4 bottles in each of the trees that Rick is also spaying on a weekly basis.

With any luck, the flies should be attracted to the yellowon the outside of the bottle, crawl into the holes to eat the yeast, and thendrown in the liquid.

No we wait and watch for the prey to take the bait.

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