James Carrier
Roast Lemon Chicken with Shallots and Potatoes

Our updated Passover menu features roast chicken with lemon, paprika, and sage; spring asparagus, and a salad of endive and smoked salmon

CHARITY FERREIRA  – August 9, 2004

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One of the things that makes a Passover celebration different from all other nights is that it is a time when family, friends, and tradition come together at the table. Whether the seder menu is made up of recipes handed down through generations or innovative twists on family favorites, sharing food and ritual with loved ones is a constant.


Our updated Passover dinner incorporates traditional flavors in a fresh, gracious seasonal dinner. A salad of endive and smoked salmon in a tangy horseradish dressing begins the meal, followed by a roast chicken with lemon, paprika, and sage as the centerpiece. Roasted asparagus with orange peel and cumin is an elegant side dish.

Apples and strawberries baked with a crumbly almond- macaroon topping make a simple, tart-sweet dessert. Best of all, this relaxed menu has all of the elements that busy cooks require every night of the year, with several components that can be made ahead of time. 

Seder countdown

Up to one week ahead: Order a large roasting chicken from your butcher (see recipe notes); you can order a kosher chicken from www.aaronsgourmet.com for $2.49 per pound plus shipping (be sure to indicate the size chicken you want when placing your order). Also shop for wine to serve with dinner.

Up to 3 days ahead: Hard-cook eggs for salad.

Up to 8 hours ahead: Set table; to decorate, group a few seasonal blossoms (we used Iceland poppies for their bright spring colors and elegant shapes) in small, matching vases for a simple, pretty centerpiece.

Up to 4 hours ahead: Make crumble.

2 1/2 hours ahead: Begin preparing chicken, potatoes, and shallots.

2 hours ahead: Toss asparagus with oil and seasonings; arrange in pan.

1 1/2 hours ahead: Roast chicken.

1 hour ahead: Assemble salad and make dressing; cover separately and chill.

20 minutes ahead: Roast asparagus.

10 minutes ahead: Dress and garnish salad.


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