Watch how to make this easy spooky treat for your Halloween festivities


These aren’t your maman‘s French meringues, but rather a far cry from the traditional varieties you’ll find at the bakery. Imperfect shapes and quirky hand-drawn faces make these ghost emojis extra adorable. The 4-ingredient meringue is easy to whip up and decorate with kids, and it makes a great substitute for homemade Halloween candy. The egg whites and sugar are beaten until stiff, then piped with a pastry or sandwich bag and baked. Once hardened and cooled, the ghosts are decorated with melted semisweet or milk chocolate to add whimsy and a hint of flavor to the fun-size treats. At your Halloween party, sprinkle them around your table for whimsical, edible decorations, or pile them all on a plate and watch them disappear.

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