Your little human monsters will love decorating brownies with chocolate, marshmallows, and M&M’s to make these sweet Halloween treats


If you’re sick of carving messy jack-o-lanterns year after year when Halloween rolls around, but you want something spooky to show at your Halloween party, try this recipe. Brownies get a Halloween makeover in the form of “monster” faces made of (more) chocolate, marshmallows, and M&M’s. This edible, no-fuss Halloween treat will keep the house clean and your kids happy this October.

First, cook brownie mix in a tin pan. While the brownies are cooking, separate mini and regular-sized M&M’s, and small and medium-sized marshmallows into bowls. Next, break the chocolate into square pieces about the size of an individual brownie.

When the brownie has cooked and cooled, cut off its edges, then cut into squares. Add milk or dark chocolate squares (or both!) to the top of the brownie squares, creating a “canvas” for your children to work with, then let them design their “monsters.” Here, we use the various marshmallow sizes to create different eye and mouth shapes. We then used the regular and mini M&M’s to add pupils. Broil briefly to toast the marshmallows and warm the chocolate—but only so it melts slightly onto the brownie.

Fun to make and delicious to taste, these decorative Halloween brownies will be a big hit with the kiddos this October.

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