Map out a new diet

Sunset  – December 29, 2004

Our farms, fields, and fisheries produce all the ingredients needed for heart- friendly meals, and because they grow nearby, we get them at their peak of flavor. Even our red wine (keep it to a glass a day) is believed to promote heart health by preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the blood.

Soluble fiber in all fruits and veggies helps to lower cholesterol levels – shoot for at least five servings per day. For daily balance, include at least one fruit or vegetable that’s high in vitamin A and one high in vitamin C. While saturated fat should be avoided, polyunsaturated fat and its related omega-3 fatty acids as well as monounsaturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol. Eat nuts, olives, and avocados in moderation; though they contain beneficial fats, they’re high in calories.

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