Yesterday we pulled a super full of honey from Aurora. We already had a super full of honey that we'd pulled from her at the end of April, so with two supers, we had 20 very full frames of honey (delicious and mild). Today we extracted the honey, using the honey extractor from Beekeepers Guild of San Mateo County (thanks, guys!).

As you can see, we have a bit of equipment, and when we're extracting, we take up quite a lot of space. The big plastic tubs have been handy. They're a great way to harvest fully-honey laden frames from the hive. We brush all the bees from the frame and slip the frame into the tub, closing the lid so no bees can get in. Then we store the frames in a cool spot in the office until we're ready to harvest.

We also love the new plastic micron-filters for the buckets. We've found that  the honey extractor and the fancy filters make the honey harvest much easier than our old honey harvest methods.

While we were working in Aurora, we made a video so you can see how busy she is. Pretty good for our garage queen!

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