Tomorrow morning, at Visitacion Valley Greenway community farm in San Francisco, community garden advocate Katy Oursler (and director of private events for Outstanding in the Field farm dinners) will be teaching a cool-sounding edible gardening workshop that covers some of the same ground we tread here with the One-Block project. It’s part of the Giving Through Growing program, founded by Robert Mondavi winery as a partnership with the American Community Gardening Association.

Katy will talk about how to prepare soil, best ways to irrigate, how to deal with microclimates, and more...including quick, fresh recipes using whatever she’ll find on the farm (sometimes the growers themselves throw in ideas, she says). Her current obsession? Padron peppers. “I love them so much. They’re so easy to cook. I eat them like popcorn!” Katy also plans to show you a sweet project involving a canvas (or plastic) hanging shoe rack—“the kind that shows up at garage sales”—some soil, and a few seeds.


Visitacion Valley Greenway

26 Peabody Street (at Leland Ave)

San Francisco

9:30 am to 1 pm


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