Every Bay Area gardener knows that, in addition to a copy of the Western Garden Book, you MUST have Golden Gate Gardening in your library. Author, Pam Pierce, has come out with the third edition, and it will be in stores on February 1st.

Look forward to:

  • More vegetable listings
  • Expanded and improved fruit chapter
  • New recipes
  • Updated environmentally friendly pest management suggestions
  • Much more information on garden-based-cuisine
  • New appendices, including an expanded reading list

From Pam's website:"This book will offer regionally specific guidance for maximum food production in gardens located in California from the northernmost coast to San Luis Obispo, and inland as far as Walnut Creek or San Jose. Coastal or near coastal gardeners will find calendars and tips for growing food year-round despite the fog, and inland gardeners, where summer fog is absent, will find two new planting calendars for year-round food production in typical inland microclimates."

In the area? Catch Pam on her book tour!

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