Today is my first day back to work after an entire month's absence (see my post from Denver).

It's always nerve-wracking to come back to the garden after leaving it for some time. Will the squirrels  have taken over? Will the rats have found a new home? Will things be decimated? Weedy?

I have to say -- it's not too bad out there!

What caught my eye more than anything else was these crazy mushrooms sprouting out of the straw bale garden.

See them poking out beneath the cabbage on the right?I have to admit something: I know NOTHING about mushrooms. I'd like to know more! I intend to learn more. But for now, I just don't.

I trust that it's a good sign of decomposition happening inside the bale, but beyond that, I've got no clue.

So, Team Mushroom and people who know their fungus: what's going on in my straw bales?

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