Nothing like coming back to work after a long holiday weekend and finding all sorts of frost damage. It was cold around here!

It's really not that big of a deal. The vast majority of the garden is just fine. And some of the damaged plants will pop back next spring.

Still, I thought I'd show you some of what I found.

Fava beans:

Some are okay, but some are snapped in half. They still look really green beyond the bend, so maybe they'll keep living while being bent like that. Any thoughts?


This is probably toast. But I'll wait until spring to see if any new growth sprouts, and then prune back (or rip out if it's dead).


This growth is dead. But more will be back next year! In fact, this growth came from a tiny root that I left in the ground when trying to excavate the whole plant a year ago. It just keeps coming!


They'll be fine next spring. I come from Colorado, so I think it's absurd that our roses even bloom this late.


They're dead. But they're summer annuals. And again, see my caption for roses.And now, one thing that love the frost. Blueberries! Check out their pretty coloring:

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