Ever since I first saw the Beehaus about two years ago, I have been dying to have one.  Made by Omlet, who also makes the Eglu, the Beehaus may be revolutionary for the urban beekeeper.  At the time they were only sold in the UK, but yippee-skippies for me, they are now being sold in the US. Unfortunately, if I ever decide to buy one, it will set me back about $860.

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Elements I love about the Beehaus

  • The trough design prevents having to lift the heavy, honey-laden boxes during inspection
  • The honey supers are a more manageable size, holding only 6 frames a piece
  • It uses standard-size frames
  • You can divide the Beehaus into two separate hives
  • Two entrances that can individually be reduced or closed for the bees' protection or transportation
  • Built-in inspection tray
  • Standard mesh bottom
  • Easy to disinfect plastic, versus the traditional wooden boxes that require blow-torching if disease has taken over the hive
  • The hive stand is built-on
  • Triple the insulation of a standard wooden hive
  • Based on its sleek, modern appearance, people will think beekeeping is the hip new thing (which it totally is)
  • The plastic may not weather well in the sun
  • The legs are not conducive for ant traps
  • There is no system for a feeder
  • Frame holders may not be able to clip-on to the side of the hive
  • The price, starting at $860, does not include enough frames to fill the hive

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