What is it?

‘Pakistan’ variety of mulberries from The Mulberry Guy, at the downtown farmers’ market in Palo Alto, CA. The family also grows the shorter ‘Illinois’ mulberry variety.


Cool facts learned from farmer:

Mulberries grow on a tree; most people think they grow on a bush, like the nursery school song says. The whole berry is edible, including the internal stem. Unlike blackberries (which they resemble), mulberries are sweet all the way through.


Shopping tip:

Ideally they should be picked fully colored, as they won’t develop more flavor once they come off the tree.


How long can you store them?

Two to three days max, then they start to "leak.”


What’s the best way to store them?

In the refrigerator. Wait to rinse them until you use them.


How do you cook with them?

Kevin Lynch (the Mulberry Guy) and his son Halo, who was helping the day I visited, eat mulberries straight; make mulberry jam; freeze them to use in baking and smoothies; throw them into pilaf and salads; and set them out with chopped chocolate at parties. And "there’s always Champagne” to float them in, says Kevin. “Those composite fruits grab the bubbles really well.”

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