I crush snails daily in the test garden, but this whole escargot thing is really messing me up. It's one thing to think of them as garden pests and to kill them rightaway, but a whole other thing to raise them for food. I have much different standards.

I checked on the little guys over the weekend and felt so bad that we were starving them. They had clearly slowed down, and I felt like I was engaged in bizarre form of snail torture. I wanted the little buggers to be ok!  So I cleaned them up and added a few teaspoons of cornmeal.

So far there have been two casualties, but the rest of the gang is still hanging in there.

At this point their systems are purged and they're just being fattened up on the cornmeal. They are excreting nothing but white ribbons of cornmeal:

Doesn't that make you hungry? Me too. Now we're just waiting for recipe editor, Amy Machnak, to cook them up!

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