Suggestions for a successful meal

Sunset  – September 30, 2004

Following are a few suggestions for a successful meal at your next party:

  • Allow about 1/2 pound of chicken or seafood per person, plus about 1/4 pound of vegetables. This menu serves 6 to 8 guests, but it adjusts easily to accommodate more.
  • Soak 12-inch wood skewers in water for 10 minutes before threading.
  • Make the sauces and salads in advance; chill until serving. You can also thread meat and vegetables on skewers several hours ahead; chill them until ready to grill.
  • Set out several bowls or ramekins for the dipping sauces. Guests can dip or spoon sauces onto their plates. Alternatively, give each guest a few small, shallow bowls.
  • Arrange grilled skewers on platters; let guests help themselves.
  • Purchase mochi ice-cream balls at specialty food stores or Asian markets; buy about two whole ones per person. Just before serving, cut them in half and arrange on a platter with toothpicks.