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These Fourth of July Party Recipes Will Make Menu Planning So Much Easier
Iain Bagwell

Has it been a while since you’ve thrown a Fourth of July party? Or any party? Not to worry; we can help you with the all-important menu planning. We’ve rounded up some favorite recipes to serve all day and evening long, from drinks and cocktails to cool off with during the heat of the day to celebratory desserts to enjoy with fireworks.

Greet your guests with a refreshing drink as soon as they arrive. A go-to for us is an easily-batched cocktail we call the party starter; with a watermelon base it’s summer in a glass. This one can easily be made non-alcoholic by omitting the hard liquor, but consider mixing up a big pitcher of strawberry lemonade, too, to be sure you’ve got something for everyone.

Now whet your guests’ appetites with an array of light bites, sides, and salads. Deviled eggs are a party classic; our version has a little kick to it. Shrimp salad served in cucumber rounds is cooling and complements the grilled items you’ll undoubtedly be serving, and chili lime corn on the cob is a great (and irresistible) choice because while you can’t cook it ahead of time, it goes right on the grill while you’re preparing proteins.

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Now for the main course. What’s your pleasure? SirloinRibsBurgersSeafood? We’ve got plenty of options, most of which cook up right on the grill—although meatball sliders are a great choice if you want to make a batch ahead of time and let guests assemble their own sandwiches.

And of course, you’ll be wanting dessert. For the Fourth of July, this flag-themed blueberry pie is the perfect patriotic end to the evening. Happy Independence Day! 

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