Updating a classic sauce

JERRY ANNE DI VECCHIO,  – September 17, 2004

Cajeta Sauce

Recently at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in Southern California, I sat in on a think tank with chefs from all the Loews Hotels. The day included a little competition for refreshments. The chefs presented brunch concepts that reflected the flavors of their home base. My mental blue ribbon went to Jim Makinson from Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson. He served hot, frothy cinnamon-flavor Mexican chocolate and sweetly seasoned warm tortillas topped with a fruit salsa and mellow cajeta, Latin America’s tangy caramel sauce. Makinson made his own cajeta with canned evaporated goat’s milk from the supermarket. It’s wonderful on waffles with fruit, and makes a fabulous sundae spooned over vanilla ice cream or mango sorbet.