Erika Ehmsen

A sweet and nutty Post-Workout Refueler and its easy-to-find ingredients (no powdered supplements req...

Who:  Erika Ehmsen, Managing Editor of Sunset’s Digital Editions (for your iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire)

This year, I resolved to:  Drink my greens by juicing whole fruits and veggies daily.

Even though this challenge is almost done, I still struggle with:  Replacing my morning breakfast bar with a nutrients-packed superfood smoothie.

Coping mechanisms: Not ditching the bars just yet. Whether it’s frugality or a cop-out, rather than waste the breakfast bars I have, I’ve decided to finish them ... and not buy any more.

I’m feeling:  Great—both because my energy level is up and because I’ve gotten into a routine of prepping my weekday smoothie the night before (so I can pulse it in the blender for 45 seconds and dash out the door).

My takeaway:  I couldn’t imagine eating two apples, two oranges, a sweet potato, and a big handful of nuts all in one sitting. But blend them up and pour them in a glass, and I’ll happily suck them down.

A recipe I’m really digging:  A bright orange Post-Workout Refueler from our sister magazine Health. It's sweet, juicy, refreshing, and really good for you.

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