Who: Angela, test kitchen manager.

This year, I’m determined to: eat dinner on weeknights and not graze my way through the evening.

Even though this challenge is almost done, I still struggle with: eating a little too much during my workday.

Coping mechanism(s): a quick walk around the block or in the Sunset garden between recipe tests.

I’m feelin’: like 2015 is off to a good start.

My takeaway: When I started this challenge I thought having everything in place for a healthy dinner at home would be enough. A healthy dinner is still in order, but I’ve realized I also need to more careful about what I consume at work. A taste is enough to tell whether a recipe is ready for publication. I don’t need to eat an entire serving. I’ve also found that sprinkling my day with a little fresh air and exercise makes all the difference. It doesn’t need to be a full workout.

I’m celebrating with: an urban hike! This weekend my husband and I will join some neighbors and walk the Barbary Coast Trail in San Francisco. Our friends have reviewed the route and chosen a spot for lunch. The only thing we have to do is show up and pay our share of the lunch tab. I’m looking forward to time with friends, something nice to eat, and a little history lesson. Balance.

A recipe I’m really digging: Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. I double this one and keep it ready in the fridge. As soon as I get home I place it on the kitchen counter so it’s at room temperature by the time I’ve prepped my salad ingredients. When the homemade salad dressing is too cold it doesn’t evenly coat leafy greens and vegetables.




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