Last night's citrus salad was a favorite. And not just mine--it's gotten the most likes and comments of any salad I've posted on Instagr...
Eat Fresh, Day 10: I’m fully in love with salads

Last night’s citrus salad was a favorite. And not just mine–it’s gotten the most likes and comments of any salad I’ve posted on Instagram so far. It’s simple to make: Place segmented grapefruit and oranges on a bed of spinach. Top with thinly sliced fennel and celery, and a handful of parsley. Drizzle the salad with avocado or olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. My husband segmented my citrus. The man can’t stop won’t stop when it comes to salad.

I’d be nervous about topping that creation, but I have the Kale and Radicchio Caesar in queue for tonight!

Who: Joanna, senior home editor

This year I’ve decided to: Bulk up on my raw greens by eating a salad a day.

So far, it’s: showing me that a challenge that’s focused on adding something good to my diet is far more effective than focusing on taking something away. Plus, I really like salads. I always have. Clearly I just had a cold-weather mental hurdle to get over.

My biggest temptation to cheat: Nothing so far (see above). This might be the most drama-free Eat Fresh Challenge I’ve done.

Coping mechanisms: Variety! I try to switch greens every day and come up with different flavor profiles so I don’t get bored.

A recipe I’m digging: I’m trying this one tonight. And I’ll be cooking out of this collection of main-dish salads for a while.

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