Who: Joanna, home editor This year, I'm determined to: eat a salad with raw veggies every day (probably for lunch). I chose this because:...
Eat Fresh, Day 1: A Salad a Day

Who: Joanna, home editorThis year, I’m determined to: eat a salad with raw veggies every day (probably for lunch).I chose this because: Hey, eating raw vegetables is easy…in the summer. During the winter months the foods I crave are soup, cheese, pasta, or soup with cheese and pasta. It’s time to force some green goodness back in my diet this month.My biggest obstacle: The cold. When everyone else at work is pouring steaming soup from a thermos, I’ll be crunching on ice-cold iceberg and thinking warm thoughts.My biggest temptation to cheat: Leftovers. Usually that’s what I eat for lunch. I’ve chosen to eschew them for the greens.Coping mechanism: Instagramming every single salad because pics or it didn’t happen (and I need the accountability). Seen above: A measly green salad topped with awesome cooked veggies at an Indian place near my house. I thought I’d ease into things.I’m feeling: super excited my husband planned salad-centric meals for us this week so at least I’ll get to eat some leftovers.

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