It's been two weeks since we put our first batch of creamed honey in the wine cellar to crystallize, and I'm happy to report that at least one of our flavors is a success! Of the three flavors we made (vanilla, lemon, and blueberry) the vanilla crystallized exactly as it was meant to. It doesn't move when you shake the jar, it spreads like warm butter, and the vanilla gives it a great texture and flavor. I can't wait to see how it tastes on pancakes or french toast.

Our first batch of creamed honey. Left to right: lemon, blueberry, vanilla.Now about the lemon and blueberry...

The blueberry is almost solid. It still moves a little as you tilt the jar, but much less than when I checked on it a week ago. Perhaps in another week it will behave as well as the vanilla. As for the just doesn't taste like blueberries, and I can't help but wonder what it would've tasted like had we used fresh blueberries.The color is lovely though, so at least it looks delicious.

Sadly, the lemon hasn't crystallized at all. It must be the all the liquid we added. I didn't read anything warning against this on any of the honey forums I visited, but what else could it be? The flavor, however, is wonderful. Of all the flavors, the lemon really stands out against the honey. I've always been a fan of honey and lemon in my tea. Now I can just add lemon honey.

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