by Elizabeth Jardina, Sunset researcher

Want to meet our chickens? You can, this weekend.

It's Celebration Weekend here at Sunset, our annual open-house festival. We're inviting everyone to our offices in Menlo Park: Come check out the gardens, tour the test kitchen and garden, meet Sunset editors, taste wine and food, listen to music, get great green home ideas, and all kinds of other fun stuff. It's our big shindig, and it's lots and lots of fun.

I'll be there, standing by the chicken coop, ready to introduce our flock to anyone who comes by. (The chicken coop is in the test garden.)

You can meet Nugget.

Also, the long-promised Honey update: She snapped out of it. She's not broody, she's not mopey, she's not being pecked. She has rejoined the flock.

The timing couldn't have been better. Honestly, we were getting tired of squirting the other chickens with water when they pecked her; we were tired of grabbing her out of the nesting box every day and putting her in the yard so she would eat and drink.

She's hanging out in the yard with the other chickens now, and acting like a normal chicken. She lays her egg in the nesting box, but then she comes right back out. Her comb is pinker and growing in. And she's acting perfectly perky.

Come by this Saturday or Sunday. I'll introduce you.

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