Thank goodness for kumquats! I wasn’t in the mood to make anything with the greens we have growing in our winter garden, so imagine my delight when I noticed that there were a handful of ripe kumquats growing on our tree. I grabbed what I could reach, since I didn’t feel like getting a ladder, and got to work on a quick, semi-healthy breakfast recipe (ok, maybe not all that healthy when I decided to switch from whole-wheat bread to buttery, eggy, challah).

I was working here at Sunset the first time I ate a kumquat—what a surprise that was. They’re sort of like oranges in reverse—the rind is sweet and the inside is tart and slightly bitter. Now that I’m onto their secret, I can’t seem to stop myself when presented with a bowlful.

Here’s how I made my “healthy-ish” breakfast recipe:

I thinly sliced the kumquats, removing the seeds.

Then I sautéed them with a teensy bit of our homemade butter leftover from last week’s feast and some of our honey (about 1 1/2 tsp. per generous handful of kumquat slices).

I cooked this mixture over medium heat until the kumquats turned translucent, tender, and had absorbed the honey.

I then slathered some toasted challah bread with low-fat Greek yogurt (ok, the only truly healthy part of this recipe!) we had that was leftover from a potato salad recipe I’ve been working on for a summer issue.

I then topped the toasts with the kumquats. A super-simple, satisfying breakfast recipe!

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