These producers are farming sustainably and ship their caviar to order so you can make this formerly stuffy special-occasion treat a more frequent indulgence.

We Have Caviar for Days
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Wild caviar from the Caspian Sea has been chronically overharvested—and overpriced. Luckily, American caviar producers are raising sturgeon sustainably in California, Idaho, and beyond. These three brands are the best of the best.

Passmore Ranch

Michael Passmore uses the Sacramento River Delta as his backdrop for sustainably farming sturgeon. Diners on the West Coast may have eaten his caviar at any number of Michelin-starred restaurants—many chefs work directly with Passmore to customize their own house caviars.


Beautiful pearls of caviar from Golden White Sturgeon come from both Idaho and California in the form of small, gray to green-gold orbs with buttery flavor. Unlike many larger producers, Regalis uses no preservatives, resulting in a softer texture but clean flavor.

Tsar Nicoulai

California’s Central Valley is the home of this 35-year-old caviar business. Each jar of white sturgeon eggs comes from a single fish, rather than a blend of many, and is preserved only with salt.

Pro Tip: The Best Way to Taste Caviar

“When good friends are celebrating and a tin of caviar is near, or perhaps being passed about, there is usually only one utensil to serve it with. Instead, spoon it right onto your hand—it offers a pure, easy, and go-to ‘vessel’ for a quick-and-tasty bite of caviar! It’s both a matter of practicality, and it is also a lot of fun!” —Michael Passmore