San Diego bartenders are lifting suds to new heights in beer cocktails popping up around the city
The beer cocktail
Photographs by Joao Canziani

Photographs by Joao Canziani

Beer is to San Diego, as coffee is to Seattle, as the bagel is to New York. It’s part of the city’s identity. In this town there’s a jillion different beer variations and microbrews, loads of professional beer experts, and more beer on tap at most bars than you can count. It makes sense that here the beer would meet the cocktail. What better place to try a beer cocktail. Like the Lay Lady Lay at Craft & Commerce in Little Italy.

The ingredients: Lindemans Raspberry Lambic, champagne, and ginger. You might call this rather lightweight on the beer front (raspberry beer?), but I call it a delightful gateway into the world of beer cocktails. In any case, it’s a creative fusion that might make a beer-drinker out of me.

Let us know where to find other beer cocktails and which ones to try.

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