If you're interested in canning, fermenting, cheesemaking, sourdough baking, butchering, knife sharpening, animal rearing (chickens, goats, rabbits), beekeeping, gardening, not to mention making your own yogurt, kombucha, freshly ground grain, charcuterie, soap, natural cleaning products (even toothpaste!), dog food, wine, beer, cider, and candles (phew--did I forget anything?), then be sure to stop at Portland Homestead Supply next time you're in the City of Roses.

I swung by recently and the friendly owners, Kristl and Doug Bridge, showed me around. I'm ready to take up about 12 new hobbies! And with all their classes, I really could.

Portland Homestead Supply Co. is in an old home in the Sellwood part of Portland.

The main room has lots of baking supplies.

Kristl demonstrates the Bitterroot GrainMaker

The bicycle-powered GrainMaker

And look at all these cultures in their fridge.

Out back, you can meet Wendell (or is this Belle?) the Nigerian dwarf goats.

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