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We’re big believers in sustainable meat at Sunset, and whenever possible, our Test Kitchen buys pasture-raised and local over factory-farmed. But it’s not always easy to figure out which brand is best, or more humane in its practices, or most flavorful. Now we’ve found a source that figures all that out—and we think they’re so terrific that we’re giving everyone who reads this blog post a discount on their first order (see below).

AgLocal, an online delivery service, contracts directly with small family ranches that raise animals on pasture, the old-fashioned way. To keep their place in the network, each of these ranches must take care not only of their animals, but the land they’re raised on and the people who work there. AgLocal’s support means these little guys have a better chance of surviving, at a time when industrial farms dominate the meat supply.

As for the meat, it’s top-quality and the choices are wide. You enter your zip code, and you’ll immediately see everything from bison to Korean-cut short ribs as well as standards like rib-eyes and chicken breasts, all from farms in your area.

Freshly delivered from AgLocal.

You can either order a box of different cuts or just one cut at a time, and the prices are very fair: The Family Pack, for instance, is $85 (including packing and shipping) for 7 lbs. of meat that’s good in all senses of the word.

The icing on the cake: Delivery is right to your door—no slogging over to a pick-up site—and comes in eco-friendly packaging, with recipes.

From now through February 12, 2015, Sunset readers (you!) get $15 off your first order when you enter the promo code SUNSET15 at checkout. You’re about to meet the kind of food company we hope pops up everywhere.

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