Well, I finally caught it. The “IT” being that blasted cold that’s been going around the office for what seems like months. I’m fairly certain that my sore throat is impairing my ability to type (did I mention I’m an utter pain to be around when I’m sick?) so this will be a quick post.

The only things I want when I’m under the weather are a hot toddy and my bed, with the latter being impossible, considering my ever-looming deadlines.

So what does the recipe editor at Sunset Magazine put into her hot toddy? Glad you asked.

Thanks to our One-Block Diet, I have all the ingredients I need right here: peppermint tea that Elaine Johnson dried, a just-picked Meyer lemon, and honey from our bees.

I let the dried mint steep in the hot liquid for about 4 minutes to let the flavor really develop. Then I drizzled in about 1 tsp. honey and 2 slices of lemon. Some people add booze to their hot toddies, but I refrained on the basis that being sick is bad enough without adding the worry of a hangover to the list of symptoms.


This and a couple of ibuprofen (compliments of our medicine cabinet which isn’t a part of our garden) should do the trick.

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