Enjoy delicious wine on the high seas

Imagine a wine-tasting room where you could have seconds (and thirds and fourths) of whatever you like, paired with outstanding food. Where you wouldn’t have to deal with lines, waits, or traffic. Where, instead of four walls, you could look at an ever-changing tableau of the Napa River’s grassy banks, a drawbridge, maybe even an osprey.

Welcome to Wine Country Yacht Charters, Napa County’s most unpretentious place to relax and drink wine. Anything goes aboard captain Jon McGuire’s yacht charter service, which debuted last year. “You want a winemaker to come in and do a tasting with you? You got it,” McGuire says. “You want to go see fireworks displays on the Fourth? Done.” For a price, of course. You pay extra for wine and food, and any other add-ons.

For McGuire, the yacht service is just an extension of a long tradition. “My friends and I used to go out at sunset to drink wine on the water,” he says. “We called it the Sunday Sunset Club.” Now you’re invited to join. ―Amy Wolf

INFO: Wine Country Yacht Charters ($225 per hour for up to 6 people, not including wine or food; boat departs from Napa Valley Marina, on Cuttings Wharf Rd. off State 29; 866/440-2428)

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