It’s your chance to reenact an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery—with wine!

You Can Solve a Murder Mystery on a Wine Train Through Napa Valley

Get out your magnifying glasses. Or, should we say wine glasses?

The Napa Valley Wine Train is known for its luxurious experiences full of gourmet food, interesting tours, and, of course, amazing wines from California’s local vineyards. Now it’s bringing a brand new experience for wine enthusiasts who like a little mystery to enjoy.

Teaming up with The Murder Mystery Company, the Napa Valley Wine Train announced in a statement that it will be running speakeasy-themed murder mystery tours starting Saturday, April 13.

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So, if you’ve ever dreamed of living out an Agatha Christie-style mystery like “Murder on the Orient Express,” now’s your chance.

The brand new tour takes passengers on a three-hour tour on the historic train where they get to help solve a 1920’s themed murder mystery. In addition to the wine and intrigue, guests also get to dine on a gourmet dinner by Executive Chef Donald Young.

Passengers will work with each other to solve clues and gather information before time runs out and the “murderer” escapes. And the best part is that guests are also encouraged to dress in 1920’s inspired garb like flapper dresses, fringe, pin-stripe suits, and fedoras.

The Napa Valley Wine Train also has full and half-day tours of local vineyards every day, as well as other themed tours, including a tequila trainand a beer train, for those who enjoy a scenic ride with a good beverage – without the murder.

The Murder Mystery Tour train will run on specific days between April and November. Tours begin at 5:30 p.m. local time and passengers will board the train at 6 p.m. The train will leave the Napa Valley Wine Train Station at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets begin at $216 per person. For more information and dates, visit the Napa Valley Wine Train website.

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