Every View Explored’s caravan road trips are customized with an emphasis on mindfulness and meaningful connections.

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Ray Bilcliff via Every View Explored

The slow trickle of vaccines to combat the deadliest pandemic in generations is beginning to elicit strange feelings of optimism many of us had forgotten were possible.

Still, the expediency of a vaccine’s success—or, getting back to a semblance of normality—will greatly depend on whether we couple vaccine administration efforts with social distancing measures that have been in place now for nearly a year. Until then, activities we once took for granted will inevitably continue in amended fashion.

One such activity may soon get a flexibility boost courtesy of a recently-launched Las Vegas-based company.

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Founded by Ben Sembler, Every View Explored is taking aim, starting this April, on combining safety and enjoyment via caravan road trips that cater to meaningful connections and mindfulness.

Trips tailored by Every View Explored “are designed for young professionals, solo travelers, couples, small pods, or anyone who’s been stuck inside and seen the COVID-19 pandemic tear apart our community ties,” Sembler wrote in a company press release, adding that the unique travel method is designed to build “community while effectively incorporating CDC and WHO guidelines around COVID-19 safety.”

To mark their launch, Every View Explored pieced together a flagship itinerary for a six-day, five-night jaunt through southern Utah, one emphasizing the flexibility to share in as few or as many community-based experiences as desired.

“Participants drive their own cars, sleep in their own tents (provided), and use masking and physical distancing to maintain a COVID-19 safe group environment,” Sembler said.

“Whether it’s hiking, biking, horseback riding or more, each client’s daily itinerary is individually custom-tailored with their needs in mind, and the white-glove service associated with luxury brands is preserved at an affordable price.”

Each stop along the trip, meanwhile, features a guided group activity that focuses on mindfulness, such as meditation, creative journaling, or intention setting.

And the price? A mere $980 per person for the 6-day trek. Every View Explored shared a detailed look at the Utah Caravan itinerary, seen below.

Day 1: Drive to the Zion campsite, a working ranch nestled below the towering, richly-colored mountains that make the area famous. (Drive time: 4.5 hours)

Day 2: Explore Zion National Park per your personalized itinerary, then make your way to the next campsite outside Bryce Canyon. (Drive time: 2 hours)

Day 3: Spend your morning in Bryce, then in the late afternoon drive the breathtaking Million Dollar Highway to Capitol Reef National Park. (Drive time: 2.5 hours)

Day 4: After some time to explore Capitol Reef, travel to Moab, America’s outdoor Mecca. (Drive time: 2.5 hours)

Day 5: Consult with the resident road trip designer, then set off for a day of exploration in Arches National Park. (Drive time: 30 minutes)

Day 6: Enjoy your last morning with the group before exploring Canyonlands National Park and then heading onward, either back home or further along on your journey. (Drive time: 4 hours)

Want to learn more? Check out the ins and outs of Every View Explored here.