A Portland hotel capitalizes on the Portlandia culture

Visiting Portland? Please, Keep It Weird
Photographs courtesy of Jupiter Hotel

This isn’t your ordinary hotel room. In Portland, the bar is raised to be different, to be noticed, to be a little weird. And the Jupiter Hotelfits right in. First there’s Lily, the mannequin mascot of the hotel, who has her own Facebookpage.


Then there’s the Keep Portland Weird “Adventure” package. The adventure, in this case, is something as non-adrenaline producing as blending into the culture known as Portlandia. It comes with Portland accoutrements that’ll supposedly help you blend in, like a flannel shirt, a fedora and a set of wheels (like the ones Lily is sitting on).

I applaud the hotel’s originality. I’m tired of the ubiquitous roses and chocolates add-on packages. Why not get inspired by the culture around you and let guests experience it? Art and music is a big part of the hotel, too, with its restaurant/music venue, the Doug Fir, as well as its art gallery which will, in September, be showing the works of Holly A. Senn.


This is a hotel to model, where it becomes a community gathering spot. It’s the future.
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