Honoring a Western community that exceeds our expectations about the magic and romance of an island destination.

Entry Questions:

  • On what island is your destination?
  • Tell us about the island. Where is it? How large is it? How do you get there?
  • What kind of flora and fauna does your island have?
  • How large is your destination?
  • What kind of lodging options does your destination offer?
  • What kind of dining options are available?
  • What kind of stores and shopping are available?
  • What sort of activities on the water are availble? Swimming? Fishing? Surfing? SUP? Kayaking? Etc.
  • Any other activities of note? Do you host any special events or celebrations during the year?
  • What sort of cultural or historical attractions or opportunities are there?
  • Has your island received any major awards? If so, please detail.

Please note that there is a 300-word maximum for each question.