From the affordability of major metropolitan areas to birds-eye views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the stories our editors are loving and sharing this week.
Stories We’re Loving This Week
Easy DIY candle holders via Pop Sugar Home

Easy DIY candle holders via Pop Sugar Home

Photos from the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge –> The Bold ItalicNo matter how many times you’ve driven, cycled, or walked across the iconic Bay Area bridge, you’ve never seen it and the surrounding view from these stomach-dropping vantage points. Wow.

Dried Hydrangea Garlands for Fall –> GardenistaNew obsession: these seasonal DIY garlands. They make one of my favorite flowers the gift that keeps on giving. Given how many hydrangea hues we have to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Midas Touch: The DIY Addition Every Table Needs –> Pop Sugar HomeThe wine-bottle-as-candle-holder has always had a certain checkered-tablecloth charm, but this DIY project takes it in a new, modern direction. It just goes to show that a little gold paint can do wonders for any mundane object.

Where Even The Middle Class Can’t Afford to Live Any More –> The Atlantic 

“Affordability is effectively declining as home prices are rising (and at a much faster rate than median incomes),” says The Atlantic‘s Emily Badger — especially in major metropolitan areas like San Francisco and New York, where even the relatively comfortable middle class can only afford to purchase roughly 14-percent of the homes on the market. Interesting to note, too, that 7 of the top 10 least affordable metro areas are in the West…

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